Saturday, July 16, 2011

Debtgon: Obama's Drug of Choice

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I knew something was wrong but I didn't know what...

My friends didn't want to hang around me anymore...

I was sluggish, tired, and depressed...

I went to my doctor and he said I needed a higher debt ceiling...

So he prescibed me Debtgon.

     Debtgon,  also known as Mytaxisrizin, is the medication trusted most by physicians to treat low debt ceiling.  Debtgon (Mytaxisrizin) works by taking special income or "tax" particles from harder working cells and places them into the colon where they are immediately evacuated from the system.  This repeats until these cells become dead and lifeless.

Side Effects may include:

Decreased Hiring
Job Loss
Economic Fatigue
Media Excitement
Premature Campaigning
Lower Bank Account
Keynesian Tendencies
Hallucinations of Success
Rectal soreness

Debtgon should not be used in combination with capitalism.
Debtgon side effects may last longer than anticipated. Sometimes lasting for years or even decades.

     Thanks to Debtgon I will have the Debt Ceiling that's right for me. Oh here comes the Doctor now. Hi Doctor.

DR. OBAMA:  Hello I have your Debtgon right here. Ugh! Whew! That was Heavy! I didn't think I could get it through the door.

PATIENT: WOW! That is Huge! That is going to be a 'Hard Pill to Swallow"!

DR. OBAMA:  Who said it was a pill? Now Bend Over!

Debtgon (Mytaxisrizin) the answer for your debt "emergency"

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