Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Ballad of The Politically Correct Cowboy

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Wandered into town one day the stranger did arrive.
The Most Peculiar Cowboy ever seen alive
When you ask the town folk they will recollect
That every word he spoke was politically correct.

The Stranger took three steps and he walked into the bar
He said that he had come from somewhere very far
He said he'd like to take a moment in this occasion
To apologize that he happened to be Caucasian.

The bartender looked puzzled and asked "What you want to Drink?"
The Stranger slid up to the counter and there sat about to think.
He slowly raised his hands and said "I'll tell you why I'm here today,
But first I'd like to order one extra large Mocha Soy Latte."

"I'm here to save this town from a fate worse than death,
And I'm not talking about Justin Bieber or even Crystal Meth"
The bartender said "Must be talking bout rogue  Mexican Mick"
The Stranger said "Well actually I prefer Latino or Hispanic"

Before he could  correct them Old Mick Walked through the Door.
He walked up to the bar to see the man he hadn't seen before.
Ole Mick scowled and said, "Hola Senor, Que ese all of dees  Hype?"
The Stranger answered, "Your accent doesn't help with your stereotype."

Mick slammed his revolver upon the counter and yelled "Showdown!"
He said, "I'll shoot you dead you gringo and bury you in the ground!"
The Stranger was very startled and caught at quite alarms.
"I'm sorry my Latino friend I'm scared by firearms."

The town folk looked puzzled and questioned why he was here.
He said "I'm not here to fight thieves but to settle all your fear"
"There is something more dangerous than Mick here a storming,
"What I speak of is of course the dangers of Global Warming"

"You see you all have been destroying this planet we call Earth"
"With your Air Conditioners, TV's, Even the Babies that you Birth"
"So I am here to help you give Global Warming the Axe"
"Just Please take out your wallets,  I need to collect a tax"

The Bartender looked at Mick and said " And we thought you were a thief"
"This here crazy cowboy is the one with which we really have the beef"
"You want to ruin all our lives and tax everything you see."
"Well guess what cowboy we're sending you back to DC"

The town folk tied that stranger to his horse readied it to ride
They struck the horse so hard that they believe that it had flied
The Stranger shouted "Just Wait I'll get you with a new Regualtion!"
The Town folk shouted back "We're not scared, It's almost time for election"

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  1. ooohh we are in deep sheepdip. how did bama win?

    w t f?