Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Necromancer II: Revenge of the Bad Luck

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 When we last left our National Warlock, the President of the United States,  Barack Obama, also known as the Necromancer he had revealed his secret Identity to the World to the investigative team at Teen Beat Magazine.
     Let's Join this Doctor of the Dead as he holds an economic summit meeting with some of his closest confidants.

OBAMA:  Well I see that we are all here to discuss the solutions to the debt crisis.

BARNEY FRANK: Yes Master and I have brought a consultant to help us to put a good spin on this. This is Kevin Weathering. from the DNC PR team.

KEVIN: Hi pleasure to meet you Mr. President.

OBAMA: That's your Dark Highness to you. But we will dispense with the formalities for now.  What can you tell us Kev-in.

KEVIN: Well it looks like the interventions we have made to boost the economy are not helping and seem to be making the situation worse.  If we take the blame for this we are done in 2012 so I thought about some things that have hindered the improvement in the economy.

OBAMA: Like the Japanese Earthquake, the Oil Spill, and the Arab Spring?

KEVIN: So we'll chalk it up to ...

OBAMA: Bad Luck.

KEVIN: Oh That's good yeah Bad Luck. We've all been there.

OBAMA: No this is a different type of Bad Luck this is the work of sorcery it is Inflecitas Maximus. The Bad Luck that only comes from a very powerful wizard.

KEVIN: Wait, uhm are you being serious right now because I thought we were just brainstorming.

OBAMA: This is an old Magic. A Magic that has been around for almost a decade before I arrived. It comes from the Powerful Wizard Dubya the White.

KEVIN: So this is Bush's fault because I don't think the public is buying this.

OBAMA: I find your lack of faith disturbing
KEVIN: Gaaaaaaakkkkkk! Heeeeelp! 

OBAMA: You are released.

KEVIN:  Ahhhhhh. what.  Ok ok it's Bush's fault.....and uhm uh ....When did you change clothes?

OBAMA:  I have tickets to the Sci Fi Convention in DC.  I'm trying out my vader costume.  What do you think?

KEVIN:  Great great. Ok so we blame it on Bush....again.  What next?

OBAMA:  No, Not Busssshhhhhh.  But Dubya the White.  I feel his presence it is close.

DUBYA THE WHITE:  Hello my old friend.  So we meet again.

OBAMA:  So you dare to darken my home with your Presence.

DUBYA THE WHITE:  Yes you have struck me down but now I am more powerful than you will ever know.

KEVIN:  Ok is this really happening?  Are you two carpooling to the Sci Fi Convention?

OBAMA:  SILENCE Kev-in!  The two of us have an unsettled score to .....uhm ....settle.

KEVIN: That's kind of redundant.

DUBYA THE WHITE:  You have misused your powers and I am here to stop you from spending so much of the United State's Citizens money.  And plus you're blaming me for Earthquakes? Really?  Now Choose your Weapon you foul Beast.


KEVIN:  Sir...I mean...Your Dark Highness that's a Nine Iron.  And isn't that from Harry Potter?

OBAMA:  Duh...Have you ever seen me on a golf course. And Harry Potter is Kick-Ass!  Besides next I am going to Pass another trillion dollar stimulus package.


KEVIN:  This must be a really serious Sci Fi Convention you two are going to.

BIDEN:  Did somebody say Sci Fi!!!!

OBAMA, DUBYA, and KEVIN: Joe!!!!!

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