Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The OBoogey Man

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BOB: Hey kids Grandma is here!  She's going to be spending the night with us!

KIDS: Yay! Grandma!

GRANDMA: Oh Thank you for letting me stay son. I can't seem to get a good night's rest with these terrible nightmares.

BOB:  It's alright Mom. Here ya go you can stay in our guest room.

GRANDMA:  Thanks Bobby, I think I'm just going to go on to bed, I'm exhausted.  Good night.

BOB: Night Mom.

[Grandma settling in for bed, starts to doze off]

[Rustling sound from closet]

GRANDMA:  Hello? Who's there?

OBOOGEY MAN: Hey how's it going. You're going to lose your Social Security, hope you like dog food.


BOB: What is it Mom? What's Wrong?

GRANDMA: It's him again. I told you he's back.

BOB:  Who's Back?

GRANDMA: The OBoogey Man. He's a big scary thing that comes and scares seniors. Please Don't let him get me!

BOB:  It's Ok, it was probably something you ate. Just go back to sleep.

GRANDMA:  Uhm ok Bobby. Maybe you're right. Good night.

[Shuts door]

OBOOGEY MAN:  Is he a Republican? Ya Better not hang around any cliffs with him. Geronimo!

GRANDMA:  Bobby!

BOBBY:  Mom! Hey It's ok! Look here's a sleeping pill. It might help you rest.

GRANDMA:  whimpering. Ok Bobby. 

BOBBY: Good Night

OBOOGEY MAN:  That's probably cyanide. Looks like you not need to see my Death Panel.


BOBBY:  Hey look Mom why don't you sleep in the kids room.

GRANDMA:  Ok Son.  Hey Kids. Mind if I sleep with you?

OLIVIA:  C'mon Grandma sleep in my bed.

GRANDMA:  Thanks just having a little trouble sleeping.

OLIVIA:  It's Ok Grandma, Was it the OBoogey Man?

GRANDMA:  You've seen him too?!

OLIVIA: No but we have one of his lame monsters friends in our room. 


GORETROLL: Hey Kids, your video games are killing the environment.

The Planet has a Fever!

GRANDMA:  Bobby! Do you have any more of those Sleeping pills?

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