Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Resist We Much- Starring Al Sharpton

Share on Tumblr From the makers of the Cultural Classic "Good Night, and Good Luck" about the Legendary reporter Edward R. Murrow, comes the newest Modern Classic. Newsman Al Sharpton stars in  Resist We Much.

     This epic decades spanning biography of the Reverend Al Sharpton plumbs the depths of true Journalism.

-Chris Matthews says "It gave me a tingle all over."

-CBS Reporter Serene Branson gave it 5 Hevay Bertations!

-Joe Biden said "It's Clean and Articulate"

-Miss Teen South Carolina 2007 raved, "I think that those as such as in The Iraq and The Iran will such as love this movie such as."

     You will be awestruck at the wonder of Rev Sharpton when he says his famous lines "But Resist We much...we must...and we will committed."

-Audience Goers agree! "We loved it much, must much much and we be that much is to say committed.!"; Another excited fan said: "Make sure to wear a poncho when he gets to saying words that start with the Letter P."

     When asked why people should see his Masterpiece Rev Al said,  "I have said all along that is it was to have was to say that we were and that is to say yes also because it is and will be that is to say much is saying with that it is."
     Yes. Truer words have never been spoken.

-Yoko Ono said, "Listen to the Trees you will hear too."

-Al Sharpton's Megaphone said :"Bzzzzzzzz Cshhhhhhh  WeeeeeOOoooooo"

-Animal from the Muppets said "ANIMAL!"

     You must much much must see this Must Much See movie of 2011 that be committed. 



  1. Oh man, this movie was even better than Scarface '11! Two thumbs up.

  2. I didn't know that Al and Tingles had a lovechild until I watched this movie. Outstanding insight! Double thumbs up.