Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Uncle Barry-O's Sing-O-Long

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New from White House Records!  Uncle Barry-O's Sing -O-Long!  This Wonderful Collection of Children's songs is available for the first time to the public!  Join Uncle Barry-O as he sings along with your kids!

UNCLE BARRY-O:  Hey Kids Let's sing!

KIDS: Yay!

     My Mortgage lies under the Ocean,
    My Mortgage lies under the Sea,
    My Mortgage lies under the Ocean,
    Barack please have someone pay my Mortgage for me!

KIDS: Yay that was great!

UNCLE BARRY-O:  How about this favorite kids!

UNCLE BARRY-O and KIDS:  I Love You, You Better Love Me;
                                                Let's Blame Bush for the Economy.

UNCLE BARRY-O:  Do you remember this one Kids?  Sing it like Row Row Row your boat.

UNCLE BARRY-O and KIDS:  Uhms Uhms Uhms abound scattered throughout my speech,
                                                 Let me be Clear, The Right must sit in the Rear,
                                                Or they'll all be racists to me!

 Uncle Barry-O will entertain your children for hours, all the while learning how to be socially conscious and mastering Democratic Strategy.

UNCLE BARRY-O:  Ready Kids?

KIDS: Let's go!

UNCLE BARRY-O and KIDS:   The Bear went over the Border,
                                                  The Bear went over the Border,
                                                  The Bear went over the Border,
                                                  To escape unjust subjugation of the central latin american workers by the corporations based solely in the United States and to do the work that Americans refuse to do and wouldn't do anyway, and to receive benefits and medicaid that will eventually help America out of this recession and also while there are here it would be nice if they voted for Me, ....AND TO SEE WHAT HE COULD SEE!. 

KIDS:  Uhm we couldn't keep up Uncle Barry-O.

UNCLE BARRY-O:  That's ok kids.  Just stay with me!

UNCLE BARRY-O and KIDS:  This Old Man, He played One,
                                                 He played Nick Nack on his Thumb,
                                                 And he'll be off to his mandatory End of Life Counseling session with his State mandated Physician at his local Government sponsored Health Care Facility because he has become a burden on his family and the economy at large and in his present condition it has become unsustanible...

KIDS: We don't know these words Uncle Barry-O.

UNCLE BARRY-O: Oh did I do it again? HAHAHAHA

     Also with this collection you will get the following favorite Kid songs:

Mary had a Little Undocumented Worker


Old McDonald Had a Wind Farm

Obama Loves Me This I Know

Kenya Born my Lord, Kenya Born

Comrade Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin (his name is my name too).

She'll be comin around the Mountain in a Fuel Efficient Hybrid

The Wheels on the Listening Tour's Bus go Round and Round

The Unions go Marching one by one

Twinkle Twinkle Little Czar

and Dust in the Wind by Kansas

UNCLE BARRY-O: Here's one last one kids!

United forever in Friendship and Labour,
Our mighty Republics will ever endure.
The Great Soviet Union will live through the ages.
The dream of a people their fortress secure.

KIDS:  We don't know that one Uncle Barry-O.

UNCLE BARRY-O:  Oh you will. You will. Sooooon. Very soon. MWhahahahahaha.

KIDS: Mommy? We want to go home.

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  1. Bwahahaahahhaahhaaa That is hilarious! I'm going to post a link to it on White House Brief.

  2. The kind of feel-good songs that make you not want to have kids. These songs should be taken up by Paul Shanklin...LOL.