Saturday, September 3, 2011

Everybody Loves StrawMan

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It's time once again time  for everyone's favorite Sitcom; "Everybody Loves StrawMan"

Everybody Loves StrawMan was filmed in front of a Live Studio Audience.

GLADYS:  Hurry with your Chores sweetie, your Father will be home soon.

STRAWMAN:  Honey I'm Home!

Audience: Wooooo YAy! Alright [Applause]

GLADYS:  Oh Honey, How was your day at the office?

STRAWMAN:  Terrific! I was able to shut down 5 Museums and 10 Playgrounds!

GLADYS: That's Wonderful!

STRAWMAN:  That's not the best part!  With the money we saved we'll be able to up production on our 
                           Turbo Smog Smoke Stacks. We'll have the city blanketed in haze within a week!

GLADYS:  Oh Good! Clean air is so annoying!

STRAWMAN: I know! Right? I hate Clean air. Blah.  And the raw sewage from the smoke stacks will go 
                         straight into the drinking supply! Way ahead of schedule!

GLADYS:  Oh I'm so glad you took this job with Koch Industries.

LIL SUSIE:  Hi Daddy.

Audience: Awwwwwwwwww

STRAWMAN: Well hello Susie! How was School?

LIL SUSIE: Ok, I guess. But some of the kids are mean to me.

STRAWMAN:  Don't you worry about that sweetie with the help of my Republican friends in Congress we 
                          are bringing Segregation back.  Those trouble makers will go back to the inner city where 
                          they belong.  Jim Crow here we come!

LIL SUSIE:  Jim Crow?  I don't think he goes to our school.


STRAWMAN: Oh Susie You little Devil.

DICK CHENEY: Knock knock, did somebody say my name?

Audience: WOOOOOO! Dick! Wooooooo! [Applause]

GLADYS:  Well Dick Cheny, what brings you here?

DICK CHENEY: Hi Gladys, StrawMan forgot his Briefcase in the cubicle.

GLADYS:  Oh Honey, I hope you don't have work you have to do tonight in there.

STRAWMAN: Nope, It's a briefcase full of Koch Money.  Where would the world be without Koch
                         money? I don't think I would ever want to know.

Audience: [respectful applause]

DICK CHENEY: Well you ready to go Strawman?

GLADYS:  Going out for some drinks honey?

STRAWMAN: Maybe later, but first Dick and I are going to round up some random Illegal Immigrants and 
                         check for there papers.

GLADYS:  That sounds like so much fun, go enjoy yourselves.

STRAWMAN:  I will, and when I get back I will give you your nightly beating.

GLADYS: Oh I know I deserve it. Have fun boys!

STRAWMAN:  Alright Dick lets go paint the town "White".


Footnote: All Liberals who didn't get this, You're idiots.

The Morlock Revolt


  1. Hahah - That was awesome. LOVE the pic too. Your pics rock. Maybe next week Karl Rove can stop by and they can all go on vacation to some exotic local where they can kill innocent civilians! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Am I hearing a request for a sequel?