Sunday, May 13, 2012

"GayLo" Obama's new hit record

Share on Tumblr      Obama has just been literally "Crowned" the first gay president by Newsweek by picturing him with a rainbow colored halo (or as Soopermexican has called it a "GayLo")  To further his claim as the first gay president, Obama has come out with his first musical Single. Download today!

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  1. Glad Barack Baby finally came out of the closet, but then we already knew he was a lefty. Following you on twitter now Matt. I have many blogs, most dedicated to making BHO a one-termer! Great looking blog buddy. I've seen all the Time Machine movies. Visit me sometime at Obama Cartoons.

  2. Forgot to mention Matt, I'm also from Louisiana, the northeast part around Monroe. Live in south Mississippi now. Retired teacher!

  3. So this is what second graders do during recess.