Friday, May 4, 2012

MittStache Caption Contest!

Share on Tumblr Ok I run another site called MittStache where I put a mustache on Mitt Romney, because it makes him look like a badass. I have a pic I can't seem to caption. I need your help. The winning caption will go on MittStache.  Runners up will be featured on The Morlock Revolt. Anyway, here it is.

OK good luck. I'll select the best on Thursday, May 10th, at 7pm. Just enter the caption in the comment section or email to


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  1. Probably too long to be a good caption, but...

    "I heard Obama say he ate a dog, and it was only this tall!"

  2. "Yeah, Ron Paul's only about this tall!"

  3. "I gently ran my hands down the elephant's tusk until I found the right point... and then I RIPPED the tusk right out. And now it sits under plexiglass in my world-famous tusk collection."

  4. "I can fit a dog this size in a suitcase"

  5. My 'stache use to be this thick. But with American families struggling I thought I should cut back too