Friday, August 31, 2012

Dirty Sandy

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     The left sure is mad about Clint, which makes no sense. If they thought he did a bad job then shouldn't they be happy? But no they're angry as a Code Pink Protesters at a Lee Greenwood concert.  Well they have their own special speaker arriving in Charlotte. Yes. You guessed it.  Only one person can rival the Oscar Winning director and legendary actor Clint Eastwood; a law school graduate that cannot pay for her $30 a month Birth Control.  It's Dirty Sandy.


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  1. Funny how activists for dependency don't get why they can't capture the cool of activists for independence. Fluke thinks she's the voice of freedom, while she tries to force everyone else to do things her way.

  2. Ouch! That is so funny

    I was thinking about how far feminism has strayed from it's roots "I am woman hear me roar - Limbaugh was wrong to call me a whore - by the way could you buy me some birth control and maybe a $50 glass of champagne, sweety - I'm free!(fist thrust into the air), well not free but reasonable - just need the birth control"