Friday, August 17, 2012

New Badass Ads for Mitt.

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      I downloaded an app called SpacePaint. So I thought the next reasonable step would be to make Mitt and Ryan look totally badass.  Please tell the Romney campaign to hire me ASAP. 

Wizard Romney:2012

Every Kickass Presidential candidate needs a steed.

With their powers combined they are unstoppable

Hadouken: 2012

Mitt will preside over Space

Easy to win a debate when you can do this. 

Who needs a tour bus. 


  1. That picture or Romney riding a steed belongs to the stock photos of horse riding schools sydney. Under the creative common license I guess. That aside, I believe that most Republicans have horse and cattle ranches.

  2. You've certainly gotten creative with the photos. I don't know if the party will hire you for another campaign. It just goes to show what people can do with creativity, time, the right tools and stock photos that match their theme.