Saturday, August 11, 2012

This Team is Big Fail!

Share on Tumblr Ok, so the Obama campaign decides to put out this poster.
     First off, Obama and Biden look like they're doing a promo for a Law and Order show. Law & Order:BFD. I don't know. Second, I think they got their slogans mixed up.  Mitt wants to raise taxes on 95% of America?! WTF?! Oh yeah, Leftists consider cuts in spending a tax increase and if you dare give someone that pays 80% of the taxes in the country that you're raising it on everyone else. I would beat my head through this monitor if I didn't need to finish this post.  Anyway, so I'm shuffling around on Twitter and I see SluBlog, proprietor of SluBlog, post a response to this. 

     "Brilliant!", I thought, "I must steal this idea." (In the name of saving the nation of course.)

You'll notice my photoshop skills aren't near as good as SluBlog

I had to blow this one up. Writing kind of small. One guy got really pissed at this one. Ha, Loser. 

Get ready guys, November is coming. 

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  1. This team wants all Americans to be able to stand on their own feet....
    And this team wants you begging the government, on your knees.

    (Do we know that Biden's and Obama's pants are zipped? Let's see the rest of the photo. I want proof.)

    1. "Tie, shirt ,jacket and socks..... Trust me, I was told that by someone."
      Hairy Reed

  2. The top team can actually count!

    The bottom team is sure "math" is some kind of racist codeword. Well, the guy on the left thinks it's a 3-letter racist codeword.

  3. LOL awesome! and congrats on the Instalanche.

  4. Love it!

    How about...

    This team wants to stop sending the next generation's hard earned paychecks to the Chinese government.

    This team thinks that's racist.

  5. THIS TEAM wants you to succeed on your own
    THIS TEAM wants to own your success
    THIS TEAM embraces life
    THIS TEAM embraces infanticide and pain pills
    THIS TEAM loves America
    THIS TEAM needs you to repeat the question

  6. Check out mine here:

  7. THIS TEAM regards the American people with respect - like Abraham Lincoln

    THIS TEAM regards the American people with contempt - like P. Y. Barnum.

    --Stella Baskomb

  8. Obama is fighting for himself. We all know that.

  9. OMG! I laughed so hard I cried, then I just cried thinking 47% of Americans depend on Team 2 taking more out of my pocket!

  10. This team wants you to be able to spend your own money.
    This team wants you to ask the government for money.