Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mitt and Ryan, takin the Trash out.

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Ok, this week's dumbass ad by the dems is that Mitt Romney doesn't hug his garbage man. Yes. You read that right. The democrats have an ad that says that Mitt Romney doesn't hug his garbage man. I know when I'm up at 6 am on a Tuesday, the first thing I want to do is wrap my arms around that big Diabetic swollen grease smellin man that's taking away the crap that smelled to bad to keep in the house. Sheesh. Well then a story came out that Mitt Romney actually was a Garbage Man! So of course it illicited the response below. 

-The Morlock Revolt © 2012


  1. Hey! That poster is too cool! Can I use it at Cry and Howl? I'll link it back here.
    I'll check back to see if it's okay, or you can post permission/denied on the "About" page. Thanks!