Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Miserable Adventures of McCain and Graham in History

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Yesterday marked a historic event in the history of liberty in this country.  Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky made a 13 hour filibuster against suggestions from the Obama Administration that American civilians can be killed in drone strikes in the country.  The country was electrified by Senator Paul's passionate plea for liberty.  Several senators joined his cause and stood with him.  But others like stick in the muds John McCain and Lindsey Graham thought that Senate rules and the appearance of being civil is better than we Americans wishing to remain free.  Well as you can see from the pictures below, this is not the first time that McCain and Graham have been jerks to liberty minded individuals.  So let's discover some of John and Lindsey's adventures.

Patrick Henry

Nathan Hale

The Gettysburg Address

Signing of the Declaration of Independence 

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  1. Love it. McCain and Graham should be ashamed of themselves. They probably find Shays' Rebellion and the Boston Tea Party to be "out of line."

  2. Senator Graham, as a lifelong Republican, US Army Veteran, and a businessman, I have followed you and Senator McCain's career in politics. Although I do not always agree with your views or what I view as trade-offs, I understand there has to be compromise in politics. Last night, I watched a group of your collegues stand up to what I honestly believe is an evil tyrant ( you had supper with him) with a distructive, non-American agenda. They asked a pointed question to the AG, who repeatedly gave various answers until today. And NOW, you and McCain don't like it. Recently, I really believed you and Senator McCain were going to finally do something FOR the American Citizens with your investigation on Bengazi. I've watched for hours as you and your commitee grilled, rice, clinton, and anyone else you could 'subpeona' and thought you would find and prosecute 'those' responsible (including the traitor obama). Now, after what has been apparent lies, cover-ups and the omission of getting obama in front of your commitee, you and McCain have FAILED the American People for not doing your jobs. And YOU want to blast Paul for standing up for us? Are you nuts? I respectfully suggest you, McCain, and any other Republican Senator who did not join the brave Republican Representatives last night either resign immediately or apologize and join the ranks to make our GOP great again. My father always told me to either 'lead, follow or get the hell out of the way' - I suggest you people grow up and unite against what millions of Americans are concerned about...the dictator barack hussein obama and the direction 'he's' trying to take our Great Nation. Thank You, Rick Caruso: Colorado Springs, CO.

  3. Well said Rick!!!

  4. Well said indeed! I'd say the N.Vietnamese communists did a pretty good job between McCain's ears, if he weren't such a liberal wash to begin with.

  5. fantastic ridicule of two men who have been in power too long. they need to be sent packing their next election and true conservatives sent to washington.

    personally, dc should be shuttered and all incumbants sent back home to vote. no need to head to dc anymore.

  6. Good stuff! Can I borrow them? I'll link right back here ...

  7. Hi Matt! Discovered your blog via my friend Steve at Cry and Howl! Excellent post! I borrowed part of it too!

    BTW, did you and your readers know that the Nobel Peace Prize chairman has asked Obummer to "quietly" return it?

    Ha ha haaa!!

  8. Oops...sorry. I did more research and found out that the orginal post on this came from a satire site. But it was still fun to imagine the embarrassment! Even satire can have some semblance of the truth in it!

  9. Of all the other failures, don't forget their failure to know history...or see the " writing on the wall" (not the lefting)