7 Important Advantages and 3 Notes when Using Organic Food

You are trying to eat healthier by using lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and less meat. Today, many people expressed concern about diet and dirt on the market. Therefore, many people choose to use organic food. The use of organic food is becoming a popular consumer trend and is recommended by nutritionists. Some people believe that organic foods are safe. Organic foods are more nutritious and delicious than inorganic foods. Many also say that natural products are better for the environment, more friendly to pets. In fact, more and more people are convinced by the advantages of organic food. Although organic foods are often high cost, even several times greater than the usually. But the sales of organic food still grows steadily.

The benefits of using organic foods

This article helps consumers better understand the influence of organic food on human health. This article will present 7 important advantages and 3 notes when using organic food.

The Primary Concept of Organic Food

The word “organic” here refers to the farmer’s farming of agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat and dairy products. Organic farming is designed to enhance the environmental protection of soil and water, as well as reduce environmental pollution. Farmers grow organic products without using traditional methods to fertilize and control weeds. Organic foods are products that are grown and cultivated without using any synthetic chemicals. Because of the limitations of chemicals, organic foods are excellent for human health and the earth’s environment. However, organic fruits and vegetables do not contain preservatives, so they are very quickly spoiled. Therefore, some organic products have a weird shape, color change, the size smaller than normal. However, they still have to meet the standards of quality and safety

7 Important Advantages of Organic Food

#1 Prevention of dangerous diseases to human health

Some scientific studies have shown that the antioxidant content of organic fruits and vegetables is 40% higher than non-organic products. Therefore, organic foods are more effective in reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood sugar.

#2 Does not contain genetically modified organisms

Organic food is good news for parents. The use of organic foods is safe for babies. Through research showing that children eat organic food, the proportion of pesticides in the body will be six times less than other kids. Children use conventional diets, who are susceptible to being affected by genetically modified organisms.

The use of biological genes in food production can increase productivity. But additional gene mutations in these foods will affect the health of young children. In contrast, organic foods do not use genetically modified organisms. Therefore, organic food will bring about certain health benefits for you.

#3 Providing necessary nutritional value to the body

One advantage of organic foods is the high nutrient value. One study has shown that organic fruits have a higher vitamin C than many other fruits. Organic foods also contain high levels of antioxidants, which help reduce the risk of developing cancer.

#4 Contributing to environmental protection

In addition to the health benefits, the use of organic food has many other advantages. When using organic food means you are supporting the organic industry. Because the production of this food does not use pesticides, chemicals. So we will not pollute the soil, water and other harmful impacts on the environment.

The organic food

#5 Excellent taste

Organic foods are foods that are grown and cultivated naturally. Therefore, they feel more natural and delicious than other foods. This is the biggest advantage of this food. Stews from organic vegetables also taste as good as regular vegetables. You should use best crock pots for the stewed vegetables. Your dishes will taste good, attractive colors, and adequate nutrition for the whole family.

6# Contributing to increased productivity for animals

One of the causes of infertility in mammals (including humans) is the consumption of non-organic and toxic chemicals. If animals are fed with organic ingredients, they will reproduce better than other animals, which are fed only by conventional foods. So if you want to increase the number of organic products from eggs, meat or other dairy products, animals need to eat a healthy organic diet.

#7 Price is cheaper than usual food

Some organic foods are expensive. But most organic foods are not too expensive. If you want to build a garden, you can grow organic vegetables and fruits quickly. These foods can prevent some common ailments, so it can help you save on health care costs, and this also contributes to improving health.

3 Notes when Using Organic Food

  1. Choose to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. To get the freshest products, ask the seller about new foods. And you need to wake up early to buy the freshest food. For example, you should buy apples in the autumn, strawberries, and tomatoes in the summer.

The choosing organic food

  1. Read the product label carefully. You should pay attention to the detailed product information on the box label. You need to determine whether this is organic food or a portion of organic food. Foods containing organic ingredients are not necessarily a healthy food. Some organic products can still contain high amounts of sugar, salt, fat or calories.
  2. If you are worried about pesticide contamination, peel off the fruit or chop the leaves of vegetables (such as lettuce and cabbage). However, one thing to keep in mind is that by peeling off some of the fruits and vegetables, this can reduce their nutritional value.

This article has helped you realize the advantages of organic food. Therefore, you should use organic food. This is good for your body and contributes to protecting the environment. Therefore, consider changing your diet every day by choosing organic foods for your meals to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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