Organic Food: First Impressions

Some benefits and basic information about an upward trend in planting and consuming foods. How to keep it within your budget?

Recently, people start using organic food more and more. That’s the reason why this type of food has become so popular, especially in develop countries. However, there is a hidden risk in using this type of food since there are plenty of brands and labels specializing in organic food that you can choose from. No one can make sure that the organic foods they are using are the safest. This confusion continues to rise among consumers. In addition, some important questions are also asked by scientists as well as nutrition specialist about the safety and the real benefits of organic food. Is organic food really more beneficial for your health in comparison with other foods with different planting methods? What are GMOs and do they affect our life badly?

Organic food

If you are looking for some information to answer those questions, this is the post that you have to read carefully. In this article, I will show you the basic knowledge about organic food and how to choose them wisely. Moreover, since the prices are various, I guess you also want to know how to buy organic food at the best prices so as to save money for a rainy day.

Organic Food – What Is It?

The agricultural products that are grown and processed in a clean and scientific way are called “organic”. Each nation has its own way to produce organic food depends on the scientific and agricultural standards. For example, in the USA, people grow organic food in crops that don’t use any types pesticides or any methods that interfere the genetic construct (GMOs). In addition, fertilizers with petroleum base are banned as well as those from sludge.

Livestock such as meat, eggs and dairy products must be taken from animals that are fed an organic food with no antibiotics. Hormones are forbidden so as to make sure the products are organic.

What Are the Differences Between Organic and Not – Organic Products?

If you aren’t the one who keen on distinguish these products, here are some certain aspects for you. Some of them can be seen by your own eyes since they affect the quality of the products, but others can’t be spotted unless using some tests that can only be performed by specialists. Here is the list for you:

Organic livestock

  • Organic products are grown with natural fertilizers such as manure or compost while on – organic ones use synthetic or chemical fertilizers. You can easily see the difference between them in the quality and the size of plants such as vegetables or fruits. Don’t be surprised if you see that organic products can’t have the ideal size for the other but the freshness and the color are much better.
  • The weeds in the crops are controlled in different ways: with organic crops, people have to get rid of the weeds by natural methods such as crop rotation, hand weeding or mulching. On the other hand, not – organic products have to endure with chemicals from herbicides.
  • Pests have to be controlled naturally with traditional methods combining with scientific assistants such as using birds, insects, traps and several types of natural pesticides. In contrast, conventionally – grown products can’t survive the attacks of pests without the help of chemical That’s the reason why when you use these 2 types of products, you can see the differences right away when looking at the leaves.
  • With livestock, the differences can’t be seen by eyes because the chemicals used by having the animal eaten will affect the growth as well as stock quality. In fact, conventionally – raised products produce more in quantity but the products are genetic changed and create negative effects for human body once eating them. On the other hand, organic livestock such as meat, eggs or dairy can be used safely since they are free from GMOs and other types of chemicals that change the hormones and growth of the animals.

Choosing the organic food is definitely the best thing that every housewife wants for the family to protect mental and physical health. However, do you think the price of organic food is acceptable? It is also a very hard question to answer before replacing conventional foods with this type of food.

DIrty and clean vegetables and fruits

Which Types of Organic Food Should I Buy?

Basically, since the growing methods are quite difficult to maintain, there’s no doubt that the price of organic foods is more expensive than normal – grown foods. However, if you know what to buy and know the priorities, you can lower the cost but still have the best way to care for the health of your family with organic food within your budget.

Not all types of conventionally – grown foods are unable to consume. Some of them can still be eaten normally since a number of chemical pesticides are within an acceptable range. You can get rid of the excessive amount easily with normal methods such as soaking through salt water or washing the food through the ozone.

  • Some organic foods are must – buy because of the bad quality of not – organic products including apples, cucumbers, potatoes and other types of vegetables and fruits. In addition, the amount of excessive chemicals and pesticides inside this non organic products are relatively high and very hard to wash off, it would be better if you can afford for the organic ones though the price would be a little bit higher.
  • In fact, there are still several types of vegetables and fruits such as avocado, eggplant, mango, onion… you don’t have to buy organic since they are grown widely, almost anywhere. People call them “Clean 15” since they can be bought everywhere without concerning about the quality and how clean they are.
  • According to researchers, most types of meat we are using today contain a lot of antibiotics and by – products. In addition, a number of negative hormones used to provoke the growth of animals to produce more meat, eggs, and dairy. That’s why you should buy organic livestock anytime if you can afford to.

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