Morlock Comic Books

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Theses are a list of our ever popular Morlock Comic Series all in one place. 
Rynor: Norse God of Math

 Commander Romney and The Liberty Squadron 


  1. You need to sell a t-shirt with the Commander Romney and the Liberty Squadron image in the sidebar. Really.

  2. H.G. Wells was a well known Jacobin Socialist and his novel "Time Machine" is no doubt a reflection on his political philosophy. I don't believe that the names of "races" of the future were invented randomly. "Morlock" is way to close to "Moleck" to be coincidence. Wells, a historian would know about Moleck the God of Child sacrifice of the Phoenicians, Canaanites, and Carthaginians. Moleck is also the name of the 40 foot "horned owl" statue that has a "strawman" sacrificed to it every summer at the Bohemian Grove, northern California, in a ceremony called the "cremation of care" for the entertainment of many of the world's movers and shakers. I read Wells as saying the the future "socialists" and perhaps the present socialists are "cannibals" of human kind. Of coarse the other message, the "Eloi" represent unproductive "moochers" who exist in ignorant bliss until being signaled to their periodic slaughter and consumption by the Morlocks. Wells hero from another time, is the only character in the story that still have the ability to reason and problem solve and even fight for survival. I don't have a Clue so far where Wells came up with the word "Eloi." If anyone has an idea about this I would like to know what the origin might be.

  3. Comrade Matt, the story about "The Morlocks" sounds very red of you. I enjoyed where the working class rose up against the elite and fought for the people. I hope to see you in the fight against the motherland's imperialist fascist "GOP"

    -Comrade Vedrick

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