Why Morlocks?

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Morlocks were the hideous creatures that lived underground in HG Wells Classic Time travel novel "The Time Machine."  In Wells' future vision, 2 species devolved: The Morlocks, which were the working class, and The Eloi.  The Eloi wanted for nothing.  They were fed by the Morlocks while they lazed about their days in bliss. The Morlocks toiled underneath the ground day after day, only to feed the Eloi.  (Now I know what you're thinking "But, the Morlocks ate the Eloi!". Yes I know this! No metaphor is perfect! If it was it would be called reality! But I've heard that Eloi lightly brazed with a bit of lemon is delicious.)  Well it's time for we "Morlocks" to stand up and not feed the Eloi any longer.  It's time for THE MORLOCK REVOLT! Wait, wait wait, don't get your pitchforks. This revolt fights the Left, or the Eloi, with humor.  The Left hates it when you make fun of them.  Their heads absolutely explode at the thought of someone ridiculing their high minded ideas.  So Join me as we REVOLT and fight the Eloi!
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